Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring Has Sprung,

Spring has sprung the grass is..... well not quite riz but finally someone has switched on the Spring! We have had some sunny days & even a couple where we just wore a cardigan. It is by the way only March & in Bulgaria we have woken up to a 3' snow fall mid month!
In Bulgaria it is very much like someone flicks a switch & hey presto we are in the next season, there is no slow burn here. It is however Spring so we will possibly get the odd day where it will drop a bit but I have to say WOOHOO!!!!
Its very strange we have 25c+ temps with bare tree's & ground, surreal. I have been sunbathing trying to get rid of my extra white winter palour in the skimpiest of sun dresses. Can you tell how happy I am :-) The village comes to life in a noisy way as soon as the heat arrives, with people putting on their car stereos loudly & congregating together chatting laughing & happy. Thank goodness the other day it was good old Bulgarian folk music & not gangster rap,which sometimes happens,rarely but when it does it destroys the peace. Thank goodness the village  is still peaceful 99.99% of the time. I actually enjoy hearing the joy spring brings to everyone. We are very fortunate with our neighbours
The dogs have been really happy & have been spending all day & evening in the garden. They must be like us waiting for the more clement weather to come. They chase & play fight practically all day. Kamishka our smallest is full of the joys of Spring & doesn't stop, jumping, rolling, digging, instigating fights, very cute. She digs holes to lie in.
One of the village dogs Nigel feeds, (scar face), now comes to collect him at feed time (how do they know?) & he is a gorgeous boy tan in colour short like Kamishka with the sweetest face. He also walks Nigel home & has got as far as looking under the garage doors. Reggie is not happy about that.  Ohhh how I would love to have him live with us, but then what about the others & little Hoppie! At the moment they are happy & calm & getting food. Don't they pull at the heart strings though, I now worry if we are not home for feeding & visualise him waiting for Nigel to come out, bless.
One of my cats is very poorly & we can't seem to get to the bottom of it. After 3 visits to the vets 3 courses of antibiotic  along with 2 mega antibiotic injections & 5 other injections she is still weeing with blood & screaming as she does. She has been weeing everywhere & is now only allowed into the bathroom to eat. I thought she had a common infection but this seems unlikely now :-(