Monday, 17 September 2018

Family, Holiday No3, Puppies

At long last my beautiful sister-in-law came for a holiday and my oldest friend came too. I've known Sharron since I was 5 and Bren has been in my life since I was 11, so she really is my sister.
It was brilliant to have them with us and as I don't drive I booked us a little holiday within a holiday so they could see some of Bulgaria. Off we went to Nesebar or Ravda or both, as it is in between the two. We had an apartment within a hotel with breakfast included. The apartment was great with a lovely full kitchen area. I really enjoyed the place and think mum loved the break, we even managed to get her on the beach with Sharon carrying the wheelchair onto the sand and mum walking as far in as she could. I went in for a swim in a couple of areas, it was so warm and a complete delight.
We ate in our apartment, apart for one lunch out and one evening meal. I took precooked food with us along with salads for lunches, this really cut down on costs. All in all it was another lovely break for summer.

I was really down after they went home, then I got a virus which I am still battling as I type.

Yes I did say PUPPIES
When I went to Plovdiv early in the summer a dog broke into our garden and Kami was got! She promptly broke out and this resulted in 7 yes 7 babies. I tried to get her sterilised but as she is a very suspicious girl and we can't even get a collar on her she would need to be sedated. The vet refused but I then find out it was, I hope, a misunderstanding. They have since told me they can give me a pastille or Jell so I can get her in the cage. We will see because as soon as she has weened these babies I will be booking her in.
Having said that, and the fact I am panicking about getting them good homes, they are gorgeous and I love them all
There are 6 girls and just 1 little boy. They are now 3 weeks and 2 days old. Every day they have changed and grown so much. over night they had teeth appear, that was freaky! They are literally getting bigger before our eyes.

I have some amazing projects lined up but as I need room in which to not only paint them but to store them, once new life has been breathed into them, I'm not sure when I can do them.
Just look at these vintage Bulgarian items....

Summer 18, 94th Birthday, Second Sozopol Holiday

The Aussies have landed, well for all of a week. It was Mum's birthday in August and of course I planned a birthday party for her. My older brother and sister in law came over but only for a week as they were off to Italy to join a cruise around the Adriatic.

So BF didn't like Sozopol when he came to see me, therefor I booked  a break in my favourite area to show him the real Sozopol. He fell in love with it and we had a really great time. Food as always featured high on our list. I have to say how impressed I was with the quality of food since I was last there 6 years ago.
Our favourite restaurant was The Barracuda, off Harmanite beach, and El Greco in Old Town over looking the more dramatic coastline.
If your in Bulgaria, on holiday or just visiting, these are highly recommended by us both.
Sozopol remains my absolute fave place in Bulgaria, so far.......
Next year we will be visiting Primorsko, so watch this space.

 The Barracuda 

 El Greco

I've been working on a piece for some time, have to say I love it. It's all French feel and Shabby Chic Pink with creamy White subtle stenciling and blended colours, just a little finishing to do. I also painted a antique mirror to compliment it and will do a matching stool to complete it
 Before and below After

I have some great projects on the horizon, for another day....