Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Blog for New Year, January 2011

Wow here we are into our third year living in Bulgaria and its been amazing!!! Our first year was a dream, everything we expected & more but the second was a rollercoaster ride never to be repeated, hopefully!
I have made a decision to start this year with a new blog as last year was so bad & I want to leave behind all the negativity this brought into my life. So a new blog for a more positive year, yep even the grip will be positive for me. Here we are with the first of the new blogs..........
This time last year the temps here were -27c I know this as we crashed the car into a bus on the ice & I was sat for 3 hours, with no window, waiting for the police to finish their paperwork! This year we have temps of +24c in the sun tho most days its more like 17c still blooming gorgeous though with lovely sunshine, a very positive start to the up coming year!
The Snow froze to the tree's, truly beautiful
We have had a couple of bouts of snow but nothing like normal. It snowed for one day but then it froze. It was a beautiful few days with the tree's glistening as the snow was frozen to their branches. The sun was melting the roofs slightly then it would freeze again giving us huge icicle's, which the following morning would sound like mini waterfalls as they melted. The dogs certainly love playing in the snow, Reggie gets a new lease of life & play fights with Sophie every morning
Reggie & Sophie having fun
Once the big short term freeze was over everywhere was soaking wet & the dogs had mud bathes. 
My snow frozen Pine tree
So here's to Spring which is just around the corner now, & to the warmth of the sun Woop!!!
I have been honored with some wonderful houses to market this year & have been busy writing these up & getting them on the web. So resting has been great even though some days it has been hard to concentrate or be online for much I have been able to plan what I want to do & now all three new houses are out there just one rental to get up now. I will go to the doctors tomorrow then hopefully get the last of the listings out over the weekend. Hmmm will be a bit lost  then! I have watched all of the last BB, it may have taken place over the summer but I watched the whole series & the ultimate in a week :) that was when I was quite poorly!
Ooh you may be saying, you lazy moo, haha. Well here in Bulgaria when the winter sets in normally all you can do is hunker down till spring arrives. So far its not been too bad, as I said earlier, but we have had two cold/snow snaps which rendered us stuck in the village for two weeks at a time, so you find relaxing things to do. Its book reading time although I have only managed one book, then I couldn't concentrate. I am a little way into Memoirs of a Geisha & struggling, I will finish it but when I can enjoy it better.
Nigel has been beavering away at the kitchen. Working around all the stuff still in there, as we have nowhere dry to store it all. Its proved difficult but all the construction work is complete & can't be seen, a sign of good workmanship, & now the tiling is underway & the kitchen area should be all finished in a couple of days. This however does not mean its all finished down there but I will have a kitchen to cook in while he continues with the rest. All this & it's just temporary :D
Right will finish my last blog with the last of the negative's I am willing to see, then the next on here will be all about how I find Bulgaria. So if you are thinking you would like to visit or move here keep coming back, & to my friends & family here is a slice of my life!!! xxx

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