Thursday, 28 July 2011

Slivovitsa, Bulgarian Plum Schnapps

A traditional Bulgarian drink, Slivovitsa, pronounced Slee-vo-vee-tsah. Made with the smallish plums we all have on or around our properties in the villages here. The tree's are plentiful & make a wonderful very strong tipple. I make mine with my own home distilled Rakia (off course).
I make large quantities & adjust the quantities accordingly.

4lb Plums
2lb Sugar 3lb for liqueur
32oz Rakia, Brandy or Vodka

Put the washed plums, complete with stones, in a large jar, pot, urn, jug or kilner. Pour over the sugar & coat well. Cover the pot with muslin & lid (let the air in if there is no hole in the lid.
Stir the mixture daily for two weeks to ferment. Make sure the sugar is dissolving & the plums are coated well. You will end up with lots of liquid in the pot. Add the Rakia/Brandy or vodka to the fermented mix. Seal the pot & leave to macerate for 3 months, you could use it after 1 month but it will be much nicer if you wait the full 3.
Strain the liquid through a muslin cloth into sterilised bottles & seal.
Enjoy with friends :-D

Alternitively you can......
Put 10-15 plums in a large glass jar, cover with Rakia. leave to steep for 3 - 6 months. Shake lightly from time to time. Strain & filter through a muslin cloth into sterilised bottles & store for a further 2 months.

I have also got this version steeping away but boy what a long time to wait, we will see which is the best & I will update this blog accordingly :-)

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