Saturday, 17 December 2011

It's My Birthday & I'll Cry If I Want Toooooooooooo

Well Yet another birthday celebrated here in Bulgaria! I am three years older & none the wiser :-)) Well a little wiser, where people are concerned but I am sure I will always be a sucker for people because caring is my nature. Mind you I also don't suffer fools gladly & will not put up with "stuff" now.
Anyway back to my birthday. It was a very emotional day for me, I am missing my whole family, it's Christmas & there will be no cuddles for me so I am very poor meeeee at the moment ;-) Silly moo!
My two nieces are over from Australia & it was arranged that they would meet up, on my birthday, with my sister (in law), Niece, Nephew, both my daughters & the three babies, so I said I would ring to speak to them all. Nigel had gone out to help friends for the day so I was lonely on yet another birthday. I rang & just spent most of the time either fighting back the tears or blubbing, not good, but it was really lovely to connect with everyone & hear what the girls were up to on their travels. My daughters didn't make it as one had a car brake down & as the girls were leaving for London later that day she couldn't get there in time. Still, probably a good thing, if I had spoken to my granddaughters too I would have been on the first plane back to blighty.
The poste has come up trumps so far this year & I have received a birthday parcel & two cards, in fact our friend Anton brought the cards round on the day (he had them since Wednesday!), no he isn't the post man!
It was lovely to get them on the day :-)))
I had some lovely bunches of flowers, from my friends & Nigel. Honestly the flowers here are works of art with wonderful bunches all on display in the markets, so much work goes into them. In England they would cost a fortune but here they cost less than a scraggy bunch from a petrol station!
These photo's don't do them justice
We went out for a meal in the evening with Sue & Arthur & it turned out to be the party of another birthday girl. There was a huge table with all her friends & we had a live band & a singer, who was so good I really thought it was a CD playing while the band had a break :-) I love the way Bulgarians celebrate & party! I love the traditional folk music & the dances. All the ladies were up dancing & having a brilliant time. They are not so reserved as we are & don't need to be well libated!
So my birthday was OK in the end & alls well that ends well :-))))

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