Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Big Thaw! Ladies Day

Wow a major thaw is now on. .The paths & roads are clear, our street is clear & muddy & in the countryside surrounding us there are just a few pockets of snow. The forrest though still has a floor covering, which makes it very pretty with the tall green of the pine trees & the white cloth beneath. Early hours of this morning, on the way home from friends we had two deer nonchalantly cross the road in front of us, wonderful!!!!
In the garden the garlic is poking through. I find this amazing as the back of our property, where it's planted, has been covered by snow for 3 months. The garden is exploding with groups of Snow Drops, Grape Hyacinths & the first greenery of the Tulip, Daff' & Primula.  Looking out now for the Crocus, which add colour splashes of yellow & purple,as long as the dogs don't trample them :-(

We are adorning ourselves & homes with Martenitsi, the woven red & white decoration for Baba Marta, which is to usher in spring. We wear the Martenitsa bracelets till we see the first Stork come back to nest or the first blossom in the tree's. Then we take of the Martenitsa & tie them to the fruit trees for a good crop to harvest. I love that we all get caught up in seeing the first Stork ;-D

I however, am not quite out of hibernation yet, bit like my tortoise, but hopefully it will be soon. There have been days where the temps have risen, the sun has warmed & the fire is now barley lit. We keep just one small half log burning, & let that almost go out! We have even had the kitchen door open letting the fresh air in, brilliant!
The garden is not too muddy, yet, so the dogs running & playing has not yet covered everything in mud, lets just hope the rain doesn't come!

Nige has been keeping himself busy, chopping wood, building a wardrobe & decorating the bedroom as well as valeting the car sorting out the Sky TV (as progs were moved) & on it goes. Its a never ending list of things to do, most of which just never seem to get done & 90% of which I can't remember as there is always something that needs fixing hence the bedroom taking so long to get done. Good job there is no hurry. Its nice sleeping downstairs in the warm by the wood burner, very cozy & I can go to bed very early & watch TV without feeling guilty :-D
Today is 8 March is a celebration loved by all the women here & even the men get well involved & embrace it. The country has several holidays in March and Women's Day is a holiday publicly observed since 1915, but a public holiday only since 1945. The prices double at flower stalls, and restaurants are packed out in the evening. Its looked apon as mothers day but is a celebration of all women, so no one is left out.
I woke to a lovely surprise from Nigel of two bunches of flowers & a lovely card & choc from our Bulgarian friends. This was really lovely, then a parcel from my daughter in England arrived with a beautiful special mothers day card & lots of little pressies, Slimming world books & 20 Curly wurlys lol my treat when I am dieting.
Curly wurly's are in the fridge :-))))
To say I am well chuffed is an understatement. Tonight I am being taken out for a meal, brill!

So on to the garden, its where everyone's thoughts are at this time of year...............

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