Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Mums Here For Good

Wow it has been such a long time since my last post!
My huge apologies to all who read this blog for my lack of attention and the feebleness of its content. My life is a bit limited now with no car usage but I will continue to try and incorporate as much Bulgarian life as possible. I find myself either doing things alone or with other expats right now, but then expats are part of the Bulgarian experience and boy are they an experience just on they're own!
Where to start.......
I went back to England to pick up mum and bring her over to live with me, last August. I was a day late due to my flight being cancelled as a storm broke out just as they were due to land. We were put up in a beautiful hotel but I didn't get into my room till 3am so it was wasted, and my week there became very short with all that needed sorting, but sort it I did.
Mum loves Bulgaria, she used to come over to Sunny beach before most people had ever heard of it. She saw it grow each year into the monster it has become.
Living in the countryside is completely different but she adores it.
Summer was spent in the garden or out and about eating :-) socialising with expats and Bulgarians.

 We have some lovely Bularian friends here in my village as well as some expats but we all get along with no problems. I am not one to foist myself on people and like my own company, also I hate the expat clique thing, ugh, they invariably turn into a bully playground attacking other people. "Look at my face, am I bothered though" for me I extract myself from these people and then have at times become a target. I just laugh now as how sad there internal lives must be to talk about me? All very strange!

Anyhow I digress.... My life has changed enormously now but it is full, we have lots of laughs and yes some stresses as mums memory gets worse.
We had a lovely little holiday in Pomoria. Lovely hotel with a one bed suite. Shame the weather was not brilliant but it was a nice rest. One day I took mum in a wheelchair with a friend to find the center, hmm well that was an adventure. With the state of the pavements I could not of handled it alone and it nearly tipped over a few times, never again. I have to say I would never recommend this resort for a holiday the town is shit. If you want a lovely hotel on or overlooking the beach and will not want to leave, then if it is a good price fair enough but I still fully recommend Sozopol, gorgeous place.
So on the way back home via Dimitar and taxi, we went to view a house for mum. I had seen it in the spring and loved it. It literally ticks all the boxes and much more with an amazing view I knew she would love.

Mum loved it, it is a big house, so family and great granddaughters can come and stay, with a proper swimming pool which has a Jacuzzi end, she will be able to enjoy her last years here. Today we find ourselves just a couple of weeks from moving in and although stressful we are very excited.
Getting mums Tramadol here has been a flipping nightmare. She is on the strong stuff so has to go to the hospital every month to get a prescription. The Dr decides what they want to charge so it has been from 3 lev, which is normal for an appointment to 20 and 40 lev, haha every day Bulgaria. I have now found through a very helpful chemist a tramadol and paracetamol mix which I can get over the counter and will be buying this in future but doubling up. The other problem is her stoma bags. These cost almost 5lev a bag, so right now we pay almost 300 lev a month plus two trips into Gorna Oryahovitsa one to order them and one to collect and pay. After moving we will be registering her and getting with a specific Dr so then she will get one free bag per day! People in UK, you dont realise how fortunate you are!
I will post pics of our new house once we have moved in, it would be rude to while owened by the sellers, an invasion of privacy.
I will post more to get up to date.....


  1. So good to read a new post from you. I wasn't sure until the end of the post whether you were moving together or just your mom. Glad to read you will be together. Will you sell your house or rent it out? Sounds like things are picking up for you. Looking forward to see the pictures of your new home.

    1. Hi Janice, thank you.
      Fingers crossed all will go well and we will be in very soon. We can't wait..
      Will be posting pics asap x

  2. Glad to hear what you are up to after the blog holiday, it has been a while but sounds like things are looking up ! X


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