Friday, 11 February 2011

At Long Last The Doctor, New Friends Starting Life Here!

Well finally after being poorly since boxing day I got back to the Doctors for a check up from my last visit & an examination into my poorliness. Nigel came for the first time & wasn't prepared for how cold it is there. You have to sit it out in the corridor on a couplr of broken benches, like something out of an old coach bus. Monday the wait was 90 minutes & Nigels ankles were frozen! There was another English couple waiting who it turned out were very RUDE & IGNORANT so we left them to it while we chatted on. The Dr did a few tests then informed me I had to see the neurologist! Well I was a bit freaked out by this information & left with instructions to return the following morning, feeling a bit worried! I pulled myself up & enjoyed a day in the sun with my husband Nigel we had lunch & got a few jobs done then went to see our  friends. A couple from England have just moved over & have had problems with their van, which broke down in Germany with al their worldly goods on the back :(:( It was nice to meet them & the really funny thing was straight away Pete recognised me. Apparently one day when they came here the first time they were at the cash point at the same time as me (in an area I dont live in!!!) & I said something like 'ahh English, welcome to Bulgaria, bye' & gave them a big smile! I thought it was amazing he remembered & he said I was very friendly in the midst of a foreign land & I stuck in his mind :):):) Just proves its good to be friendly & give a welcome to people you don't know, unlike the miserable buggars in the Dr's! Oooooow some people really make me mad, what cost a cheery exchange of welcome & a smile or a bit of helpful information! We broke bread together (do you like that expression, I do!) & enjoyed a lovely casserole Net cooked.
So welcome to Bulgaria Pete & Claire!!!!
The following day Tuesday off we went to the Dr's surgery again waiting for another 90 mins in the freezing cold (must be a magic number) & when we finally got in she made a call to the neurologist & told us we had to go with the nurse, who proceeded to take us to the other Dr's office. Brilliant no way we would get lost :).
The Drs room was very modern, clean & would have been comfortable if the examination couch wasn't  equipped complete with stirrups! Well I never :) but my couch, thankfully,  was in the other corner. I would hazard a guess that she shares it with a gynie Dr, which I will find out about next appointment. I am not sure how to describe what she did to me but it felt like I was being abused in some way when in reality I was just being manhandled! She did not speak a word of English so instead of sign language she sat me forcibly on the bed, put some glasses on me which were so magnetised I couldn't see her instructions! I had to cross my arms around my chest??? & follow he finger, ok. Then she grabbed me by the arms & forced me down on my side shoving my legs up on the bed, I was blind & the world was in a spin while she continued to manhandle me hard lololo I had a tear rolling down my face as pathetically it was quite scary! She then pulled me up & did the same thing only reverse side then shoved my head face first into the bed! I would love to have seen the little plateau from Nigel's point of view, he has said nothing :):):) If I knew what was to come it would have been fine but being blind & the terrible giddy vertigo world spinning of its axes combined with the rough manhandling felt really wrong!!!!! :):) Funny now though. So apparently I have a stone in my ear canal, yes this is real not misinterpretation.  I have three different tablets to take along with instructions to move slowly :) when I stand wait two mins before moving :) & only sleep on the left side head elevated for two months :(:( this I have tried & ended up feeling exhausted through lack of sleep! I was assured it is not my head so we go back on March 14th at 11am & this time I am prepared for the abuse ;);)
I cheered myself up by getting two large cups of hot corn from the street vendor with chubritsa, mayo & parmesano cheese Mmmmm totally gorgeous! We ate it in the square enjoying the sunshine & each other, while people watching, one of my favourite past times here in Bulgaria you certainly see some marvelous sights :)
We then went over to see Pete & Claire in their new home a lovely house the other side of Popovo, we have made a few friends over this way :)  There are a few little things that need sorting Nigel is going to fix a leak & do some wiring for them over the next couple of days. Its lovely to meet new people especially those on the threshold of a new adventure & knowing all the great things which will unfold for them. Getting to know the local villagers enjoying the country ahh I feel excited for them!!!!! Its also really nice to have new friends :)

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