Monday, 14 February 2011

Sveti Trifun, Vino, Rakia Nastrave

14th February is a Holiday here in Bulgaria. Sveti Trifun (St. Trifun) is known as the patron of the vineyards.
Traditionally, Early in the morning every wine-grower goes to his vineyard, turns to the east and makes the sign of the cross. Then they cut three sprigs from three different vines and waters the spot with wine, holy water and ash, kept from the Christmas fire. It is done for rich harvest. These springs are kept in front of the icon in the house. In the evening all the men of the village get together around the ritual table in the vineyards and celebrate the day with lots of wine. In some regions the men dig a hole in the middle of the the vineyard and bury a bottle of holy water in it for prevention of hailstorms. The feast is also known as “Trifun the Drunkard” because of the large quantity of wine drunk that day.
Well that's all very well but it has actually changed probably out of laziness or more likely the religious connotation has been dropped through the ban of the existence of God during the reign of Communism. Its is still a lovely little tradition which I really like :)
So this morning Yovo came round & we trimmed the vines a little, not all, it will be done properly later I think March. I then had to pour wine on the trimmed vine cuts & at the base of the trunk. We did this to a few of the vines again not all. I don't know why the particular ones were picked!
Minnie kept drinking the wine
 First Minnie decided to get in on the act & was drinkig as I poured then Reg & Kammi decided to join in & they all came up behind to lick up the wine ;D They then slept for hours in front of the fire!
Tonight is the party & traditionally we eat 'Hen, Male' so I guess that denotes a stringy old Cock!!!! Not quite sure about the food, maybe it will be Cock soup!!!!! I am really looking forward to getting together with all of them as even though they don't speak a word of English we get by on our Bulgarian & have a right laugh. There will be plenty of Red Wine & Rakia, we are taking a litre & half of this years wine as even though I normally mature it for a year it's really rather fruity & I want to show it off :):):) Last years is a more full bodied wine this one, at the moment is lighter & maybe lighter on the head tomorrow ;D 

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