Sunday, 19 June 2011

Great days of summer, Veggies & Dereliction

Its been a 3 weeks now since my mum abandoned us for good ole blighty :( Its been quite quiet & we miss her. Lots been going on in the garden though but the weather has been playing up a bit :(
We have had better weather than most, I don't know why but storms pass us by most of the time & we get less rain too. Still that said we have had a bit of rain recently & a couple of storms of no consequence really. Apart from last week when we had a torrential down pour reminiscent of being in Bali! It then went as quick as it came & cleared up back to beautiful sunshine & high 20c's. The weather this time of year can be mixed with real blistering heat & storms as its the cross over. This last few days were in the 35' & 38c in the shade, the week before was a mix of heat & storms.
The back ploughed up field now has not only our tomatoes but over 100 pepper plants, Egg plants, Melons, Courgette/Marrow (same diff), Potatoes & Nigel has just planted the Cucumber, Pumpkin, Butternut Squash & Water Melons. By the kitchen I have planted out the Chillie's & in the front we have Lettuce, Rocket, Beetroot, Runner beans, some Chives & Spinach.
With so much rain & sun the weeds have gone mental & I need to get out & hoe it all but the ground is too wet. I have to wait now till the end of the week, when we have full sun & very hot again.
Nigel has been a busy. He has helped with a friends electrics, helped with concreting a base for a swimming pool, been renovating a derelict room which will be a kitchen, done some plastering here in our new loo, been making me shelves & general hard graft in the garden. There is always so much to do here it never ends. I have put my foot down & said while he has no paid work I want him to take Wednesdays off so we can go to Polski Trambesh market together & have the day just enjoying ourselves. We had a day with Beverley & Norman last week, which was lovely. We mooched around the market then got all our fruit & veggies in, had lunch then came back here where I cooked dinner for us all. It was a boiling hot day so we ate outside it was a fun day!  Bev & I went off to Razgrad on Thursday for a girly day. The weather was boiling hot but we walked around looking in all the shops & then managed to have a rather nice Shopska salad (I didn't want to ruin my good work). Saturday we all went to Popovo for their village celebration weekend so another nice day with Nigel :D We walked all round the market there & found a place that were doing BBQ pork, by then Nigel was starved & I was tyring to stop him having doughnuts as I would have folded in my resolve. Well I have to say I was well impressed with the food we had it with a shopska salad & a rather large toasted roll, filled up nicely we opted for a Mr whippy style ice cream, half choc half vanilla for dessert. Yep I can it's all in the sin's :D On the way back Nigel got his doughnuts but walked behind me so out of my sight out of my mind & then at Bevs they had cake (Bev makes a rather delicious victoria sandwich) & I went without, soooooo Woohoo to me :D
This last week I have been home brewing. Its just come to the end of strawberry season here & into cherry season so I have made my first batch of cherry brandy, strawberry liqueur & cherry juice concentrate. I have bottled two ltrs of Elderflower & Lemon cordial & I have to say it is bloody gorgeous!!!! I won't know about the alcohol for another 3 months :(  I will be making more of the Elderberry & made more cherry brandy as Nigel harvested our cherry trees. I also have a batch of Visinata fermenting away, well it will be Visinata when I add the Vodka in two weeks. At the moment the cherries are fermenting in the sugar.  My Morrello cherry tree which is normally full to bursting is pretty empty of fruit, there's not enough to harvest, so I will be buying them this year :(:(:( the great thing is that in season there is a glut of all fruits & veg so it really is soooo cheap to buy!
I love Bulgaria in all seasons but summer is where it is at!!! The temps are very high, but to have so much sunshine is a major blessing. We all know sunshine is good for us & every Brit I have met says they have felt healthier since moving here. I find it facinating that a country that gets so cold in the winter gets so hot in the summer!
On the downside Nigel went to check out the damage done to one of our houses & also our friends 2 houses (these are all together) & the photo's are heartbreaking!!!!!! This was a gorgeous house when we bought it, needed all the usual done to it but a really lovely place with a nice bit of land. Now its nothing but rubble :(:( I am not sure what to do, I have some fantastical ideas for the future but how sad is this.......

RIP our little Blue house :(:(:(

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