Friday, 3 June 2011

Playing catchup! The month of April 2011

After days & weeks of looking for the preverbial elusive Stork & finally seeing one with great joy, a few days later we came across a field of about 50/60 of the blooming things!!!!! They were all very relaxed pottering around munching seeds as a tractor was going about its springtime routine. I tried very hard to get a good photo but alas these will have to do :)
Yes I know my camera leaves a lot to be desired :(
Well I am still at war with the brick & plaster dust, it's a never ending battle & really getting on my nerves. I must remember there is more to life than cleaning but it's a problem in the kitchen :(
Up till a week ago we were still lighting the fire! the weather is all over the place a couple of days lovely then a few days misserable & not warming up properly. Most days its warmer out than in & the fire needs to be lit. We have had a glorious week of weather, boiling hot & I have a lovely tan along with getting quite a bit done in the garden, but now...... Rain, rain, rain & its forcast for the next week & a half!
Good news for us in the villages here, shopping has just got a whole lot easier, cheaper & more pleasurable.

In Veliko Tarnovo the world of capitalism has caught up with us & transported us into the ever encroaching real world with a brand new sparkling all glowing & hypnotising MacDonalds :(:(:(:( & :D:D:D:D
Its a double edged sword I don't want it here in my part of the world, was great without it as I love Bulgarian, BUTTTTTT,  I will make full use of it when we are at Praktika etc & will add it to my list of Macki D's I have partaken of around the world. I am actually looking forward to seeing the unusual dish they have for this country. In Australia they have an Aussie burger with beetroot in, Uk would never get away with a Brit burger good for Oz I say!!!!! Bali has chilli covered fried chicken & spicy rice Mmmmm. We used to buy meals then take them to the little children & babies begging in the traffic its very cheap & its a real treat to eat something let alone a special treat. Switzerland is just plain bloody expensive & in South Africa you get to feed the displaced with your leftovers, thats if you are heartless enough to not buy them a meal & as its sooooooo cheap shame on you!!!!
So what will Bulgaria give us????? Well it is open 24 hours & has a drive through along with outside eating off course
In Gorna we now have our own Lidle open. this has just made shopping easier & cheaper as we can now do all our shop in one town instead of two saving money on petrol & it saves lots of visits to the new Mackie D's lol.
So consumerism is catching up with us, some will say it's progress but we came here to get away from all that rubbish, lets hope it slows downs now, please!!!!

I have been busy socialising & entertaining since my last blog, in between sunbathing & weeding :) & enjoying the Bulgarian countryside. It's amazing how the scenery changes so rapidly once the sun pops it's head out & the rain waters the land. The country is now clothed in greens with white, pink & red blossom everywhere, very beautiful.
Cherry blossom on one of our tree's
Traditional Easter eggs
Easter came & went with another lovely time with the family Giorgiev's & egg wars with the traditionally dyed eggs, no choc rubbish here :( We all lost to Yovo yet again ! I reckon his is made of concrete :D You have to hit your apponents egg without breaking yours, its very funny :D
Nigel is busy renovating a derelict room which houses the water pump & waste pipes & making it into a downstairs loo, thankfully its big enough to separate into two & will be very convenient hahahaha. My mum arrives here for a month in a few days & we need it finished by then also he is putting up a hand rail for her so she can get up & down the stairs ok.
I can't wait to see my mummy, its been a very long 18 months & I am soooo looking forward to spending time with her!
So some photo's from the last month.............

Simeon who gave me the best home brewed Rakia ever, yum!!!
The view from my friends outside loo :D

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