Friday, 9 September 2011

Music Fest at Trinity Rocks Farm & Life Goes On As Normal

We still have fantastic weather :-)))) It's sunny, very warm (that's in the 30's) but still have that gorgeous breeze so we can cope. Good job too as I have been baking plum cake & roasting peppers, boy that roaster is flipping hot! Nigel recon's we should use it to heat the downstairs bathroom in the winter! I love my Bulgarian roaster, but I have already been burnt on it. I was trying to unplug it & as I pulled the plug out my arm caught the side. Very painful, still is :-((( Still it does a very good job, very quick & easy. I'm still freezing stuff too, love being able to eat what we have grown all through the year, oh very Barbara. I'm looking forward to pulling the beetroots soon, we have had two that had worked their way out,  so I am looking for recipes for these as I am not that struck on chutney. The chutney is nice, but the flavour of the beetroot seems lost. I still have a rather large jar which I made last year so I think I will stick to having it fresh boiled (mega yum) & try other things. I have found an interesting website just on beetroot recipes & like the look of a dip, so I will definitely be trying that, looking forward to it.

We are off to a music festival this weekend, not far from us, about 30 mins away. See the links below. Its being held on a local campsite over two days. The daytime is free but you need tickets for the evenings. We have decided to go along on both days as they are going to be completely different flavours. I off course will post photo's & details after but thought you may want to check it out so there are two links one for the campsite & one for the festival. You never know we may see you there!

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