Saturday, 17 September 2011

Trinity Rocks Farm Music Fest Sept 2011

Well finaly I have got around to this blog, my appologies!
We went to the music festival with friends, at first we were a bit like where's the music & oh dear. But after the initial "not what I thought it would be" reaction, it was a really great day, to be repeated!
Over drinks we watched the children from a local special needs orphanage. They were swimming in the river, playing in boats, on lilo's, rope swings & had kidnapped John & Lena's dog Charlotte.  It was truly wonderful to see them having such a fantastic time & they were all so happy, lovely!!!!
The setting at Trinity rocks farm camp site is one of real beauty & it feels sooooo relaxed & peaceful. Cliff the owner has not ruined it with loads of modern rubbish so all the trees give you natural shade & cool areas, which we savoured, as while we sat under the gazebo to eat Kufte, chips & roasted peppers & drank our cold drinks, we were melting in the heat. All we did was walk a few steps to cross an unseen line into the cooler shade of the trees. There are bench seats to sit on or tables & seats right next to the river. I can't get across the feeling of being there but it was lovely, we all felt the same (yes big men too).  I can't wait till the music fest next year, we are going  to camp overnight so we can enjoy the music in the evening with a few drinks = danceathon ;-))))) We have a group forming with already about 14 of us it should be a really great weekend, a good mix of relaxation & energy :-))))
My step son, Nigel's youngest is downs (down syndrome), we miss him terribly & there was a young man there who was the spit. We enjoyed watching his antics listen to him sing happy birthday while splashing in the Yantra, exactly the same way as Sean sings it ;-) & seeing him enjoy his day with all the others. They all loved it & wanted us to take photo's, know our names & literally kidnapped Charlotte for the day. She was wonderful for them, a true lady. Bu;lgarian's are all frightened of dogs so to see them with her & experiencing the love of a dog was lovely.
Nigel & I went back on the second day, in the evening to experience the music part of it. It's not as you would expect say if you went to Download or Glastonbury but there is /are live band 's mainly it is dec based dance music, which was good but not everyone's cup of tea I know. The great thing was though that the dance area is apart from the main relaxation & bar area so you can sit chat & wiggle about in your seat if/when you don't want to be in the main dance area. The age group was across the board & there were children & babies there as well as well behaved dogs. We mixed it up & had a great time. Next year we will go on the first day to spend it with the kids & stay the night so we can enjoy a drink & join in the dancing.
Here are some pics from both days.
You can just see the heads bobbing about in the river :-D
A spot of footie
Having a dance & see the two guys in the air ;-)
Do, do, do come on & do the Conga!
Playing with fire!
Looking forward to Trinity Rocks Fest Sept 2012



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