Saturday, 2 June 2012

Turning Life Upside Down, Lovely Weather At Last!

Back in Hastings & my poor mums life is in turmoil, due in part, to her two children from lands afar, taking everything out of her 100's of cupboards, draws, cabinets & shelves so 3 rooms can have new carpet fitted.
The bungalow looks gorgeous now with  carpet that flows & a lovely new plasma TV on her newly painted front room wall. All this we would take in our stride, with maybe a little stress through the hard work involved, but for a lady of 88 it has been a huge upheaval.
There has been lots of upset for her but also mum can see the benefit, all her precious things are back in place & lots of spring cleaning has been done for her.
Mum has been independent for over 52 years & has travelled to many far off lands. I remember the time she got the travel bug &, apart from a 5 yr window due to very ill health, has not stopped since. On one trip to Australia, flying alone, she had a stop off in Singapore, & wanting to explore she set off wandering the streets finally asking a man to take her on a sightseeing day! I was aghast at this, but as we didn't find out till she returned home alive & well it was obviously a mute subject :-D Mum saw more with that man than she ever would have booking a trip & it would have cost a fortune. Instead this guy had a fantastic wage to take directly to his family, in fact she was taken to meet them. Mums bungalow is full of memories from her numerous trips & many special things gathered over the years, mum is a "things" person, just like me, no minimalistic tendencies here!  My mum, the first in her family to get the travel bug! She has passed on a great gift to us all.
Anyway back to now, mum is still building up her strength & having physiotherapy every day. Today she went down all her outside steps which are many & able people struggle with them normally. If you have ever been to Hastings you will probable have a good idea what I mean! She did really well but is now exhausted.  Her knee is brilliant & she is doing fantastically well, roll on knee number two!!!!!

I am loving being in England in a heatwave, especially as back home in Bulgaria it is raining almost every day, just as long as when I return it's all out of the way till next year hahaha. Poor Nige every day it's raining, but I think we are due rain here in the next week, so Bulgaria will be sure to get the sun back then!

I decided as it was such a gorgeous day I would go into town, browse the shops & have a spot of lunch or a cake break :-(
This is the result.....
After sorting out stuff I was in a sell everything shop, looking for seat cushions for mums dining chair's. This was one of those everything everywhere type of places & as I was admiring some lovely kitchenalia I caught something with my foot & promptly twisted my ankle! As I was on very high shoes this was very painful & it had a long way down ;-( I managed to not collapse in a heap on the floor, but I believe my arms flew all over the place LOL. The pain was intense so I propped myself up till I could manage to hobble it out & went about my busyness.
After my purchases I decided to go for a mooch in the Old town, as I was about to cross the road at the traffic lights I found myself smack on the pavement with a very loud shout of "OH SHIT". This was in front of a pub & cafes where, as it was such a gorgeous day, everyone was sitting outside! My humiliation was complete, thankfully a really nice guy came running to my aid & helped me up & on my way LOL. I decided to get away from the scene as soon as I could & made my way under the bridge to the prom & as my foot & now leg was killing me I would get the cliff lift up to the tea room have a cream tea & walk home from there, thinking the stinging sensation would be gone by then & my ankle would feel better. WRONG!!!! As I started walking along the prom being very careful BANG, yet again I found myself on the floor with a huge smack & a grandiose slide!!!!! I heard a shout of "SHIT NOT AGAIN" & once again a very kind guy helped me to my feet & gathered my bags with concern. By now I was quite concerned myself, so I decided I had better stop before I killed myself. Thankfully there was a lovely little cafe right on the road with a couple of free tables so I hobbled in ordered Carrot cake & latte & settled down to recover before phoning a taxi to take me to safety ;-D
The best carrot cake I have had for donkeys years!!!!!
I struggled to understand why, but after much thought I realised there was no warning I just was on the floor with a big wallop so it must be that my ankle was giving way. Normally if you trip or stumble or fall of your shoes, you know what is about to happen & try to stop it but I had no warning! We got a tube bandage from the pharmacy & I strapped up for a few days till it sorted itself out. Now as long as I wear flat shoes & I am careful its just a twinge, but I still remember the humiliation!
Thankfully mum liked the seat cushions, thankfully ;-)

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