Monday, 27 August 2012

Sussex Coast & Reminiscing in England

I am missing my home big time. I need to feel wanted, I need to be accepted for Joanna not naughty daughter or mum who is not here any more or annoying sister lol but as a wife or life partner a friend & a person in my own right. As you can see I am still .feeling very vulnerable, stupid I know but I have always felt like this when I'm out of my own environment or without Nigel, Nige is my rock & holds me up! People who know me will be thinking, "what is she going on about", as I come across as a strong woman, what I really am is a fighter!
I am the proverbial black sheep of the family, as was Nige, which makes us a great match, but I am fed up with having to fight, so just spirit me home where I will feel safe & more in control of what happens to me :-)
I have had some great times in England, so please don't get me wrong, but I am truthful, so I have to say I have been here too long & I am pleased the trip is coming to an end. All the women in my family are independent, "strong" & busy, so we all like our own space & want to get on with our own lives. This trip has made me realise that a couple of days with each is perfect, after all isn't that why we all leave home, our birth places & for us ex pats, leave the country????  My mum is on the mend & raring to go, which means I am now in her way lol, so I am off to Tonbridge Kent, the place of some of the happiest times of my life, the start of my married life & motherhood & the birth place of all my children. I love Tonbridge, it holds so many wonderful memories & also can make me very sad to remember what was lost. I had some great times here, laughed a lot, grew up & some of it was idyll!
I am going to stay with my sister (in law) it will be lovely to just sit, relax & catch up on the past, our lovely times :-)
But first it is the Diamond Jubilee weekend & we are off to a party on Monday to celebrate such a wonderful occasion in English history, I am so pleased I am here to witness this as I love the queen for what she does for our country & if there is anything to be proud of in England/UK it's her!!!!
Fish & chips At Maggie's on Hastings beach, a small portion
The fishermen's beach where Maggie's fish bar is situated wonderful freshly caught & crisp
The best meal in Hastings is here, the batter & chips are crisp with no oozing fat, the fish is thick & flakey & perfectly cooked by Maggie herself. If you go to Hastings you really must eat here, but be aware you must book as it is always full.

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