Friday, 30 May 2014

House to home, RIP Reggie Roo,

I have just had my first experience of working guests, from a web site called
What a brilliant experience! Hallie and Kevin are from Washington state USA and were a credit to their country. They stayed with me for a month and boy did it go quickly!!! They were a breath of fresh air to have around and I will miss them very much.
So much progress has been made in my house, it now feels like a home, granted a home that still needs lots of work but a home nonetheless.
I now have 3 bedrooms a dining room as well as the living room and one hall is painted.  There is still much to do, to finish them completely as I need flooring and skirting but what a difference.

Workawayer couple number two was a whole different story and very negative so I will not contaminate my blog with the NEAT man needless to say I hoiked them out at 8am this morning!

Very Emotional right now, with forgiveness comes pain, again, I know it has to be felt to eventually move forward I just wish it would hurry up and go away so I can live my life and feel some joy again.

To top off a really emotional month and a really bad day our lovely boy Reggie died :-( so sad, he was a beauty, a Russian Bear dog huge and loving with a bad and pain filled past. So sad!

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