Friday, 25 July 2014

Bulgaria Floods, Help & a Poorly Boy

What was I saying in the last post! This weather has just been phenomenally bad with floodings and loss of life. Varna, Dobrich, Sozopol, Pomorie, along with lots of other areas including some area's in the Veliko Turnovo region have flooded where the rivers have burst their banks. There have been mud slides, flash floods, water spouts and tidal waves.
Such a terrible loss of life in Varna, including lives of children, due to being swept away in the flash floods and tidal wave.
Everyone is so sad for the families who have lost their loved ones but it will not end there as people have lost their winter food which is growing on their land and will go hungry, food prices will rise due to the loss of major crops, especially wheat the staple in the Bulgarian diet. The outlook is bad and so very sad.
The weather should be on the turn but right now it is still raining and storms are still here, adding to the devastation.

I am very fortunate in my village. We do get storms but 99% of them pass us by. I do not know why this is as we are at the highest point in the hills but I can watch them go by to the surrounding villages. We obviously have something here that protects us?
We have had some rain but not too much and mainly in the night. No storms now for over 2 weeks where these other areas have had them every day. I feel so sorry for them. Varna, Bourgas Pomorski, coastal areas are tourist destinations too with people having a nightmare instead of a relaxing holiday.

Here we have had temps of 35c in the shade for most of the time. The last couple of days have been a bit cooler with rain in the evening making my garden really muddy but if you saw the result of the wet and hot weather it is a good thing to have damp ground, getting those weeds out is of utmost importance!

A very sad occurrence happened a week ago.  There has been a young boy popping in and out of my garden, I thought he was one of next doors pups that had come through. He a hunting dog I think, Plamen does like his hunting and fishing!  My girls used to bark at him and herd him out of the garden but he would be very serene and not be bothered or threatening to them or me.
Last Saturday I went into the garden & there he was collapsed outside my kitchen window. He could not lift his head but managed to wag his tail whenever he saw me. He whimpered and I saw he had some injuries but I didn't want to move him to see where they went without a vet, as I did not want to cause him more suffering. It was so upsetting, poor boy.
I couldn't find any help due to people being too ill to come, not answering phone or responding to my FB plea and Plamen made out he was not his dog (I am sure he was). He could not eat & was just bone but I did manage to encourage him to drink by whetting my fingers & putting them to his mouth. Eventually he lapped a little then more and more. I could hear the water hitting an empty tummy he sounded so hollow!

I put chairs over him and then carpets over the chairs so he has some shade from the sun which was boiling hot and would give him cuddles and stroke him. He wagged his tail and looked into my eyes pleadingly for help. I am not exaggerating when I say it was the most traumatic event.
I came inside to check on FB and when I went back out to him, he had gone.  I looked around for him and could not find him in the overgrown garden but hoped that the water and shade had helped to make him stronger and vowed to feed and water him every time I saw him.

On the Monday I went into Gorna with a friend who very kindly took me in, so grateful for good people, to stock up on shopping and to pick up my latest helper, Trey (from Helpx), and forgot all about the poor boy.
Wednesday morning as I went into the garden a terrible smell greeted me I was devastated as I recognised the smell as that as something which had died. Thank God Trey was with me. He found his body,  proceeded to dig a hole and bury him for me. I was distraught at knowing he had died. It felt like all the loss I had had over the last 18 months and now another death!

Wow what a negative blog, I will try better next time x

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