Friday, 25 July 2014

Storms Rain Swamp and Rainforest

Well forget what I said about the summer is here, it is, BUT, we have had a week of storms with driving rain. It's like a monsoon season and has been described as such.  All very worrying if you are a climate watcher. I am the one worried for the ice age happening now. I could probably cope with anything else but not that. Now I am not going to think about it because according to what I read on FB,  LOL the rapture is about to happen, so see ya later's  hahaha.

Anyway back to reality it is wet, wet, wet! The house is dirty, dirty, dirty, with three dogs and especially the pup who runs in and jumps all over my white sofa. The washing is immense with nowhere to dry it.
I have a young Lemon tree which is being drowned, I keep emptying the pot but in the morning it is drowning again. We have had amazingly hot weather too, like yesterday it was over 80c in the shadiest part of my property, under the grape vine so it was completely cool there, then by 6pm we had driving rain & storms on and off all night. So much rain.

I checked the potatoes yesterday & they are completely infested with Colorado beetle, it would take a week to remove them all and then I would have to start again, such a shame.  Tomatoes as being swallowed up by triffids and the garden looks like a rainforest the weeds are so high, the dill look like tree's!
I also lit the fire on two days last week it was that chilly in here, in JUNE!!!!

Well I am not going to wish the month away that's for sure, lots to do when my next lot of helpers arrive in a week or so, even if it is wet, I just hope they are made of stern stuff.

I am going to bite the bullet and buy a small kitchen, they are certainly cheap enough, it will put me on a really tight budget for the month but I need working space & storage space. As I type this I am already re-thinking it, I just need to DO IT! Anything is better than nothing and it can be changed later when I have finished all the important things.

I went exploring like an intrepid, well explorer, yesterday with my friend. I have a Mehana (bar/cafe) and the old original house, all part of my property. The Mehana is my next juicy project, which can be started as soon as I have the kitchen in. It will be used for the Secret Garden charity events to raise money for those in need here in Bulgaria. I will also hold art and craft workshops there, quiz evenings, Tapas nights, the list of what can be done is endless really. I want people to be able to sell their crafts and get known.
For the Secret Garden I need to do some paving outside so people can enjoy the view and build a toilet in the mud room between my house and the garden (anti room). So lots to think about and plan.

The House, well that is another story! It is a fabulous house, empty for 25 years and running to ruin. I would love to bring it back to it's full beauty again. It is a big house with lots of lovely room and believe it or not central heating! These people must have had money.  It is a derelict house & will need lots of lovely workawayer's/HelpX, to help restore it, as well as some professional help with the roof, plumbing windows Oh so so much, but it would be a labour of love, that's for sure. It is something I will look into but I have to make sure it is structurally sound as there are cracks from the earth quake in the 80's, so it is a plan in my head only right now, but ohhhhhh what a plan. These are the things that keep me going and stop me from giving up altogether.

Yes as you will guess from that last statement, not in a good place, in fact feeling worse. I will have to look into getting some other tablets or upping my dosage on these. I am reluctant to do this as I worry, but I need to stop feeling so helpless, lost and sad. I hate crying all the time it feels destructive. I sort of know it is healing but it doesn't feel that way, it feels destructive.  I want to move on but I just don't seem able to. I want to fall out of love with the person who has rejected me in such a shocking way, but I don't seem able to. Any good advice just doesn't seem to work on my reality.  Time and as my friend says "baby steps".

I am  going to a car boot today the weather is overcast with some sun, but I am wearing boots as the ground is sodden and if it is on the grass it will be sinksville!!!

Pictures to follow when I have worked out how to from my phone as the laptop has broken :-( just another problem on the heap i'm trying not to dwell on

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