Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Preparing for winter

First job here was to get the wood burner flue's cleaned and the chimneys swept, easier said than done when you are a woman and add to that a two story house. The locals accept that yep you need the chimneys looked at but they are not going to volunteer their help, so it has been months to get here. The weather turned chilly and there was no way I could light the fire as I knew there would be a major problem, due to what I found when I moved back in. The Kamina in the kitchen/living room had dripped wet soot all over my lovely Oak table, completely ruining it so I gathered there was a major problem. The one in the bedroom looked OK but the smell of wood fires is still apparent up there as you open the outside door, and the bedroom walls are smoke damaged. Now I may not know a lot but I know I was looking at a situation!

A friend said he would get up there and clean them for me. Well they were both completely chocka block, the soot was compacted solid and two huge dead rats were found in the main one! I can't fathom how there was not a fire here last year! Very thankful to Anthony for cleaning them, I can now keep warm when necessary. I will need to put a couple of fire bomb things in to clean the sides off but that is no problem.
Also Paul has chopped some wood for me and brush cut some of the back area along with the dog compound which is no longer used. I am going to turn this into an area for ducks, yep I am on the lookout for some young ducks or older ducklings. When they are settled I will look for some ex battery hens to give a home to, I LOVE chickens and miss them big time!


  1. So glad to read a new blog post. Hope you are able to get the jobs done that you need done, you seem to have some very good friends around you. I have been reading a lot of Bulgarian blogs and everyone seems to be very building and renovating. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Thank you Janice I am glad you enjoyed it. Next one coming soon.


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