Sunday, 29 December 2013

8th and 9th Wedding Anniversary

8th Anniversary

Well, how wrong was I!!!!
I was convinced Nigel had forgotten that our anniversary was coming up. Nothing was mentioned & no sign of a day off work. I was very sad, but typical me I didn't say anything to remind him either!
On awakening the first thing was Oh OK he has gone to work, so he has forgotten. That was until I turned over to see a beautiful vase & card. The card was gorgeous, with white roses on it :-) The vase beautiful & will be put in the new living room once it is built. When I went downstairs in the kitchen was a box & a bunch of dried grasses & wooden adornments to put in the vase. In the box was a wood slice clock :-)))) This is something I have wanted for donkeys years. I first saw one way back in the late 80's early 90's at some festival I was at but it was about £75.00 way out of my price range for something that took my fancy but ever since I have never seen one as nice. Usually they have names plastered all over like Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, Cornwall with badly painted pictures or transfers on, nah far too naff for me to hang in my home. When I opened the box there it was the perfect wood slice clock :-))))
In the card I was ordered to pack an overnight bag as we would be off around 2pm. I had no idea where we were  going.
 It didn't take long to realise we were going to VT, hmmmm you may say, you go there regularly, yep but we have never stayed in the Gurko hotel & I have always wanted to. What a lovely surprise

We had a nice room with a lovely big private balcony overlooking the Yantra river. The restaurant food was great & the atmosphere traditional, which we love.

We had a lovely time relaxing with delicious food.and spending time in our beloved VT, finding new places to eat with a view LOL

9th Anniversary

Half an hour before midnight I had a text message, wishing me a happy anniversary, saying he hadn't forgotten. a few days later I got a pot plant in a pot. Such a sad time.

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