Sunday, 29 December 2013

It's Been a Long HOT Summer

Phewwwwwww!!!! Since arriving back in Bulgaria from my 6 week family catch up, it has been non stop heat waves! I moaned the whole time in UK with rain, rain, rain but we have all been praying for it here! We had one day of rain & one almost week of cooler weather, with a couple of storms in that almost week.
The vegetables have suffered badly. First as I was not here & Nigel was working, second through the great amount of rain we had here in May, this resulted in rotting of squashes which were growing. So this year we have no pumpkin, no marrows. Also most of the delicate seedlings died either drowned out by the 6' weeds or strangled by the dried ground because once the rain stopped the heat engaged in ferocious non stop blazing sunshine. So on returning from the UK where I expected to find an abundance of flowers, there were none, a kitchen garden of globular bushes of Basil, Dill, Marjoram & Parsley, there were none. Bushes of Green Beans, nope, Rocket, nada! In fact where there should have been a field on tomato plants there were but a few lines. Disappointment, you bet! I have come to terms with this as many people, even villagers who have been farming crops for years have the same problem with their crops suffering this year.
I have managed to get a decent crop of Garlic & the tomatoes are producing along with the chilli's, thank goodness & we have some beets
In contrast this year has been flipping great for the fruit tree's. We had a mass of Apricots which for the last 5 years I thought were diseased peaches, hahaha. You would not believe how chuffed I was when I realised what the sunny orangy fruits were.
I now have gorgeous jams & preserve which will not last long I can tell you!!!!!  Glorious orange pots full of flavour for cheesecakes etc
The apples have been harvested, three different kinds & they will be used for apple cakes & possibly sauce if I can't get enough room in the freezer to store the cakes. I have to pick the pears from the floor when they fall as they are so high, which means they are all damaged so they will be canned for use in upside down cakes, awe I am making myself hungry!

I will always remember 2012 for the fruit :-)

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