Friday, 17 October 2014

Oop's No Sink and Lots of Dust

Have to see the funny side and I am!  Kitchen progress.  All this had to be done before the floor is laid
This is our starting point on the Friday morning.
No sink or hot water till next week
This house is solid and won't be going anywhere, certainly won't be falling down, let alone get knocked down!!!!

I told you it would get worse before it gets better. Good job I have lived through one renovation already, in fact it was quite a while before I had hot water in my first house here, I did have a sink though. 
I am going to rig up a table and washing up bowl, so I can wash up, I just have to remember to empty it in the garden LOL  This also means I can get some baking done as I have an order for Sultana scones and have promised a friend an apple cake.
My glamping kitchen
Feeling very very lazy right now, probably due to as soon as I clean anything turn around and a thick film is back, so I really can't be bothered. I am not annal about these things and thank God I am not OCD so I am taking it in my stride. Thank goodness I have moved on from where i was a few weeks ago!  I am however really looking forward to the day that my house is clean, liveable and comfortable again.

Months and months ago I ordered a new (second hand) L shaped sofa for my winter living and sleeping. All this time I have waited and now it is coming on Tuesday!!!!!!  Thankfully the house is big enough that I can get one of my living room sofa's up in a bedroom and then store the new one covered in a decorator sheet. At least it will be here ready for when the rooms are finished and hopefully all will be ready before the upstairs is shut down for the winter.

I will be living as the Bulgarians do during winter as I don't have the luxury of central heating yet, I will be exploring different forms of heating this year to see if there are any affordable options other than wood burning.
I don't mind this as long as I have something comfortable to sleep on. It is a really cosy way to live in winter as only one fire is needed (making heating cheaper), the only thing is the bathrooms are freezing but I have an oil filled rad which I will put on an hour before which should be OK, if not I will have to buy a gas fire just for that.
I know some ex pats who have a great layout for winter with a bedroom off the living/dining room and a downstairs shower room, so literally everything is on one level and cosy.  If it came to it I could turn the living room into a bedroom and have the fire lit in there just for the evening, I will see how it goes

Wood burners are the norm here and I have no problem with them other than the sooty dust, but I have a bad back and bringing in the wood for the fire ends with me being crippled. This year I am going to see if I can pay someone to bring me in enough to last a few days at a time. Lets see how that goes.
The wood varies in cost according to what area you are in and how far they need to deliver. I normally buy from the Kmet (Mayor) but have found somewhere cheaper if I need to add extra due to a harsh winter. Then there is the cost of having it chainsawed, then chopped and split, then stacked. Most people can do this themselves but I can't.
Lets hope this is another mild winter or at least a short one!  This could be pie in the sky though as we have had two really good winters on the trot.

Right now my brain is taxed as to what colour to paint the walls, I keep changing my mind ;-)


  1. Boy you are one resilient lady, bravo! I look forward to seeing the finished kitchen.

    1. Thank you Curly Club See the most recent post for almost finished photo's. Just a few dec's to put up & shelving :-)

  2. Looking at those kinds of pictures is a bit sobering, you know. Just being able to track a project right at ground zero, and where and how and at what point and angle do you start building up, really pushes my curiosity to the limits. Anyway, I hope that everything has been dealt with now, most especially the functional aspects of the kitchen, such as the plumbing. All the best!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

    1. Hi Lovella
      Thank you for your comment, it is always great to hear from people. Yes all sorted now, well in the kitchen, other than a smell coming from the sink drain pipe. This will be changed shortly. The downstairs loo is being done now see new post for the latest photo's of the kitchen :-) Lot's to do still but the end of this main work is in sight. Jo

  3. I admire you for doing your best to achieve what you really want for your kitchen. I know it's hard to start up something like that, but all the hard work and perseverance will pay off, when you see the final look of your kitchen. In any way, how's it going now? I'm assuming that everything's done by now, including the pipes and drains. Thanks for sharing that, Jo! All the best to you!

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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