Thursday, 16 October 2014

Talk About Re-Modelling, Taking Shape in the Mess

Loving what is going on in my life right now, what a change from just 6 weeks ago when I hit the darkest time of my life!  Admittedly it was a culmination of years of neglect and pain, loss & a broken heart, BUT wow I keep saying this in my head WOW!
I can only put this down to answered prayer, and I am completely thankful to all those who prayed for me.  Please continue to do so, I still have a bumpy road to travel xxxxx

So the renovation of my house is in major face lift stage, the flood threat has been sorted with a built up wall and new window, outside has been dug down lined and has a big pipe laid directing any water away from the house into the garden, then cemented. Marko is waiting for the wood I need to buy for the window sill before he can finish making it good inside, but the threat is sorted.

So much has to be done before the main job of laying the flooring but all the materials, tiles, stone etc has been purchased and we are heading that way.
I am very excited to be in the throws of having the kitchen sink demolished today alone with the bloody awful tiles all cemented to the walls!!!
 The sink is in the background horrid cement and tiles also far too big
 Hurahhhh good riddance!
 Before the floors can be laid, mess has to be made.
The beam is Oak that came from the animal houses I had demolished in the barn. It is not needed but I want to add character to my concrete house and I love wood beams. So 3 beams have been saved from the wood burner, Solid thick Oak, plained, sanded then cleaned with magic water (white spirit), treated with Groont (this is how it sounds, not sure how it is spelt) which will stop the woodworm, and then oiled.  I am adding another two in the dining room, or I should say Marko.  So if you buy or have a property lacking in Bulgarian character just add it yourself!

It is going to be interesting not having a sink for a few days, I have the new sink but a base has to be built for it.  I did have a wooden one on order but it did not arrive on time, no  ones fault just the way it goes here sometimes, and we ran out of time. 
So I am having a brick built base built, covered in the same stone I have for the fire places and walls, then wood at the back for the taps to sit in. A curtain will be across the bottom, fingers crossed it will look good!!!!!

Hoping the electrics will be sorted soon as I am still cooking by torch light, it is not a problem but would be nice to be able to see properly again LOL

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