Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Kitchen, What Kitchen? Snow in October!!!!!

Well here we are a heavy snowfall in October, arrrrgh!  I don't think it will last for long, fingers crossed. I know we are supposedly due another days fall but I am really hoping that it will melt quickly
Just the beginning
I mean it is only October, I know we have had it once before in October but nothing like today. Also the regions of Haskovo, Bourgas and coastal areas are flooded again. What the hell is going on with the weather????  I know it is not just Bulgaria that has strange weather this year but we are normally basking in sunshine, in fact up till 3 days ago we were still sunbathing and enjoying 26 and 28c with no chilly breeze.  
So I am in doors with a virus-y head keeping warm with the log fire lit and wet dogs all around me. The girls love it and have been out playing tag. Lilly my rather large pup has loved her first experience of snow. It has been almost impossible to get her in, bless her.  She has been running, skidding to a halt to shove her nose in it eat some then scampering off again, very sweet and funny.

So this week I have had no kitchen and for four days no water either.  I have handled it all really peacefully :-) Just rinsed out cups and piled up the washing up in the bowl.  I did make sure I didn't cook anything elaborate for dinners. Marko made sure I had the sink and tap sorted for Friday night so I was OK over the weekend. I have the sink but no waste, which means I pour the dirty water into a bucket & chuck it in the garden. It is so lovely to have running hot water back again though, like having an old friend move in.
I  am so impressed with Venelin (Marko's real name) he works mainely alone unless his brother Angel is free then he helps with the heavy stuff, like putting the beams up or a bit of labouring like sanding or mixing the muck. Mostly though Venelin mixes his own while working alone. He just keeps on working.
What a gem to have in the village :-)

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