Monday, 9 February 2015

Moving Forward, Keeping Warm

I apologise for posting this months after I had written it, I hadn't realised I had not clicked publish!

Well my life is moving forward emotionally as well as home. Renovation, Revelation and Regeneration seem to be my life right now, and boy am I loving it! About blinking time.

So  Renovation, Well after a time which seemed to take forever (and will not show) yesterday we moved forward, probably about the same, but it really made a difference. Looks like it is coming together now. Still a long way to go but now it will be building up instead of tearing down.
Sink base built waiting for stone cladding

The start of the insulation
My lovely new window shelf.
The kitchen has been moved back in place, though temporary placement of units due to it all needing to be moved back out once the dining/winter living room is finished.
The sink waste will be here later this week, so no more chucking the washing up water in a bucket, thank goodness. I can cope with it all, but not having hot water or ability to just empty the water down the sink is a waring on me. Funny what such a little thing creates such annoyance, yet the bigger disruption doesn't.

A new tap arrives today fron England, transported over by "On the go" who I highly recommend. They transport goods from UK to Bulgaria & vice versa. Excited about that, I know sad hahaha.  Also on the way is a Welsh Griddle OH SOOOOO EXCITED about that. My family is Welsh so I am half welsh oh and half Irish so my personality is kind with a killer temper if my family is crossed!  Anyway there is a family recipe for traditional Welsh cakes, comes down the faily from my Nan to my mum but from Great Nan to Nan. I have no idea how far it goes back but my mum is 90 and Nan would be 115!
Mum has had her griddle since she was young, nan bought one for each of the girls (3) I have been trying to get it off mum for years but she just won't let it go. I can understand as it is a beloved memory and when she can lift it, or get someone to lift it for her LOL, she still bakes killer cakes. So I decided to bite the bullet and buy one. I know it won't be as good as mums (they were/it is sooooo heavy) but I am going to practice till I get it perfect. Also I will be teaching myself to make Muffins and crumpets. I am excited because it opens up new recipes for me to try during winter. 
I tried a new thing the other day with a Pork knuckle, apples and beer. Have to say YUKKKKKKK!  I won't be doing it again! 

I have been feeling poorly the last week banging virusy head, eyes and feeling weak. I am happy it hasn't developed any further and that it has come at a time when staying in is the order of the day, due to lots of snow.  It snowed non stop for two days, nothing yesterday then more on and off today. Taken me by surprise. I knew it was going to snow, but it is October so I thought it would be a sprinkle then be gone the next morning. Well how wrong was I.  I don't mind though because the coastal areas have terrible flooding again and deaths. There are many areas near me that have had a lot more snow too, so I consider myself fortunate. It has been really quite cold though today it seems warmer, so hopefully we are on the right track back to double figures for a couple of months. Who knows what winter will throw at us this year?????

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