Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What a Difference!

I last posted photo's of the next stage of the renovations. So that day while I wrote my post, fiddled and faffed around Marko really got on with it. He was on his own for the first half of the day but then went off coming back an hour later with help. Here are photo's of the before and after, What a difference a little makes.....
 Waste water pipe from bathroom through the ceiling, along with all the other water pipes
 Unsightly brick wall and electrical wiring.
 Old wood window and waste pipe
 Gone. New double glazed small window installed

I am over the moon with the change even though there is still a lot to do.
The thing I am not looking forward to is all the painting that is ahead of me, especially all the doors. Walls no problem but woodwork and doors urghgrrr! Still I count myself very fortunate to have my own place and I am no longer wasting money on rentals.

Happy, happy


  1. It looks fab. I love the Woden beams and the stone in the kitchen. Is there any chance you'd share your recipe for welsh griddle cakes, pretty please.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi John
      Where are you? Brrrr cold today even with the sunshine!

  3. What a brave lady, such an interesting blog, so glad I found it, I have been obssessively seaching the internet looking at houses in Bulgaria, its great that you hang in there.

  4. Thank you Karen Bailey. I don't feel brave & thank God for having a wonderful mum :-)
    I adore this country it is so diverse & even the built up areas are countrified. I hope you find what you are looking for. Let me know what your requirements are & I will keep an eye out for you.


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