Sunday, 22 February 2015

Plan Z, Chillyness, Future Planning

Poor Marko ( Venelin) he is doing a sterling job on tiling the shower room, but doesn't get aesthetics! I have cream tiles with two panels of coffee coloured as an accent. The shower will run down the centre of one panel and the second is on the opposite wall. Unfortunately he laid them off centre, I tried to cope with it, but just can't.  So I will have to buy another box ( I am 3 tiles short) and we will add another tile to the panel, this I will be able to cope with.  Blame it on a house with no straight walls or edges. I am smiling as I type, as Marko says plan Z.
It is looking fabulous though, so much better than before and worth waiting a year for. Mind you, had I known I had female friends who could tile I would have given the job to them. People tell friends when you are good at something, we all need a little help here!

It is not finished yet but here are some interim photo's.
This was the shower when I moved in

I am looking forward to it being finished and feeling like mine.
The hallway and loo has stopped for a bit due to needing to change some pipes and add a stopcock. All done now so work will resume soon, I think he is also swapping around a bit to stop being bored as he is working alone again.

So in amongst all the work in the house, sleeping and living in one room, pregnant dog worries, and all that this entails I have a major concern for later in the year when I will literally be abandoned financially!
There is no work in Bulgaria and to be able to live, like in any country, I need a certain amount of money every month to pay bills and eat.
The plans I had for a business have gone out of the window due to needing finances to make this possible.
To say I am stressed is an understatement LOL. I am tired all the time tend to fall asleep early and wake at stupid o'morning (this is how stress affects me)
So what are my choices? Well seeing as I have no home in UK, no right to help financially or even to use NHS, no money for a deposit on a bedsit etc and no where I can live in the interim, my choice is here or nowhere.
Very worrying so I am on the look out for an online job. A real one not spamming sales, pyramid sales, etc. Not so easy. The competition is huge with so many people wanting to do this type of work. So if any of you know of internet based jobs please drop me a line! I need a minimum of £50 per week but preferably £100 a week so I can live a bit of life too, but as they say beggars can't be choosers!

This years winter weather is so far removed from normality it is amazing. We have had a couple of cold snaps but nothing Arctic as yet. I have not been cold at all in my winter living quarters, so all the earlier work was well worth the effort and money.
Preparation is the key here. This can be difficult when it is your first or second winter after moving here. If you are moving over, listen to what your neighbours and new friends tell you. Preparation of your house will make all the difference. It is romantic when you are here with a partner as you have each other but living on your todd, freezing half to death in a dreary, draughty, ice inside of your windows and no inside loo house is no fun! I was like that last year in this house, due to not realising it was in such bad repair, and my friend has it this year. Thank God she has a good wood burner. The worst bit for me now is having to go upstairs for a shower but using a electric heater heats the shower room up enough.
I do love photo's of snow though, so here is a reminder.
So the snow has just gone and we have beautiful sunshine, blue skies but pretty cold weather. Nice to see the sun though, doesn't it make us all feel so much better! Fingers and toes crossed for it to continue in this vein for the next few weeks then Spring will be here and all will be right with the world.

Today it is really warm in the sun. Happy, happy, happy. Today is also a scone baking day. White Chocolate scones, Sultana scones and Vanilla scones.


  1. How do I contact you just bought a house in bg I may be able to offer some income advice???

    1. Hi Daz
      You can email me on
      Thanks for the thought!


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