Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Gathering With Friends, Open Casket, BPPV & High Temps, What a Week

What a difference the sun makes. We have gone from snow to temperatures in the 30's. I have the first layer of my tan & Nigel has a burnt forehead :):):)
Well with the good weather comes a new lease of life, wanting to go out & about so we arranged a trip to Kovachavets nr Popovo to see our friends Bev & Norm. we have been trying to see them for ages but the snow kept getting in the way then as it cleared we needed supplies then the snow came again. Mix in Nigel’s working on the downstairs & their working on a house too, made it all too impossible. Finally we said right lets get together as the forecast said Friday was to be sunny & warm :) I had introduced them to Claire & Pete through Facebook so we all got together for the day. It was a gorgeous sunny day warmer outside than in, which is typical of this time of year here. I had baked a pear & cinnamon upside down cake & some cherry & pear muffins to take. Not too sure as both were an experiment, they came out great but I prefer less cinnamon myself & the muffins were not sweet enough for me. nevertheless they seemed to go down well. It was a very laughy day which is great.& we really enjoyed the day. Living amongst people who don't speak a word of your native language makes it difficult to sit & chat a load of rubbish, chit chat & laugh at almost anything. So to get together with like minded people & do just that is very therapeutic! Bev & I made pizza's & I was able too show where she went wrong with the dough mixing as one she made previously even the chickens wouldn't eat :( The recipe for this dough is very sticky so the only difference is I add lots of flour to the top when knocking back & keep covering it as I roll. Anyway we all enjoyed it & it was really nice to cook with someone, thanks Bev xxxxx After Claire & Pete left we nattered into the early hours & got to bed gone 2am. It was then back to the building site that is now my home for a couple more days of work. Its really taking shape now & should be completed by the end of this week woopwoop!!!!!
Monday I had an appointment with the Neurologist & she had her daughter booked to translate for us. The day was gorgeous with the thermometer showing 30c at 9.30am, mind you this was in direct sun. It was with surprise that we bumped into some ex pats we knew & while waiting for his wife to come out from her appointment we had a good laugh, which took our minds off how blooming cold it was sitting in the waiting area & also the appointment to come. I needn’t have worried as it all went very well with the Dr & her daughter being very jolly. This time I had things explained far better & as she was doing the Epley procedure on me I was aware what to do. It was a very weird feeling but this time I did not feel abused hahahahaha.
I have a condition called Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo otherwise known as BPPV. It can take a year for this to dissipate. I have had it now for three & a half months & it is a lot better now than it was, thank goodness. The problem is crystals in the ear canal have become dislodged & my brain is not getting the message of what way up I am. This takes a long time to right itself & is also a remission & relapse condition so comes back, lets hope not though hey. I am supposed to take everything really slowly & not look up or down! Do you realise how many acts we do that mean looking up & down!!!!! I am finding this impossible & I am highly unamused as we have just come to the point of my part of the renovation works, painting. I have been looking forward to getting stuck in & now I am told I can't :(  I am trying to work out a way with Nigel where he does the top & bottom & I do the middle as I can't stand on steps or bend down. I will get my way, stamps foot :):):) I think I should be ok doing the doors, although I am not supposed to over stretch & look up & my husband is being very stubborn with me.
The other annoying thing is its time to start in the garden arghhhhh been waiting all winter to get out there & have been saying at least I am poorly when its snowing, so now I am not happy about the situation :(  I will have to have a think as I get good days & bad days. Well on the bad days I cant do theses things but on the good days I am not allowed as I could make it worse! Fed up!!!!!  Anyway a good diagnosis as it could be a lot worse. I just have to put up & shut up. 
It was a day of bumping into people, we met with a couple we hadn't seen for a looong time & had a couple of coffees while chatting in the sun. Everyone was out in the square & the pavement cafe's were full we were fortunate enough to get tables outside wherever we went & really enjoyed the day. After coffee we went for lunch. We bumped into Claire & Pete & Net & Neil having lunch, said hello then grabbed the only vacant outside table. I love doing this with Nigel as we chat about where we are going plan for the future etc its good to connect, as at home everything else takes over. I managed to get all the veggies I needed in the market & then we wiped out our finances by getting my meds. Gorna Oryahovitsa is a bustling town in the sunshine & its good to be out in the openness amoung people enjoying themselves. On the way home we drew up alongside a hearse, on sayinh oh shame I looked & there was Mr Gorna,  laying in his finery for everyone to see in an open casket!!!!!!! I was shocked, I don't think he would have wanted the whole of Gorna gawping at him in death???? It is the first time I have seen a dead body so at least that is out of the way & the poor man just looked like he was asleep, phew!!!!! He was also looking very dapper in his best suit holding a flower, bit weird though!
Right off to see what I can do in this glorious weather before the predicted rain cold snap & more snow arrives, lets hope all that changes over the next 10 days :):):)

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