Sunday, 27 March 2011

Paint, Paint, Paint, Paint, Dust!

Oh the saga of the renovation.... The downstairs living/dining/kitchen, as it is at the moment, has been a real labour of love from my lovely husband. When he was away I was so down & the state of the kitchen, or lack of, became a real thing! On Nigel's return he bought back a few kitchen cabinets we purchased on Ebay for a pittance along with a genuine Belfast sink :)  Right that sounds easy you may think, ha, think again, this is a Bulgarian cottage/farm house. It has taken a long time to get the downstairs to completion for numerous reasons & add to that it is all temporary as it will eventually be just our living room & you will see why Nigel is my hero, yes darling you :)
All this work along with the numerous daily chores like chopping & splitting logs & bringing it up for the days fires, sorting the dogs & working in rooms full of furniture & daily cooking & living items, well I could not have done it, it was bad enough trying to cook a meal in it. There were also the days of no work as we needed to have shopping trips, doctor visits & when weather permitted visit friends. Living among the mess was awful too, all the dust, brick & concrete, it's like living on a building site very unpleasant! Now we can see an end to all the mess. All the sanding has been done all the walls & ceilings have been sealed. The kitchen is completed, just awaiting the clean up operation & the last of the painting is almost complete. Not quite finished but we are on the threshold of a comfortable home. The clean up mind you is immense as we have nowhere to store things so now I have to clean every single kitchen item & utensil, wash sofa covers & all our cushions, wash & steam clean all the rugs & off course clean every stick of furniture!
Nigel's busy elsewhere now so I may get lots done its just where to start????? There are still 5 doors to paint & a garden to clean up, dig over & plant up! Starting to feel a bit overwhelmed now! I managed to finish pruning the grape vine & have washed all the cushions & sofa covers, so the list has changed a little :D
No photos yet as I want to get everything sorted first :)

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