Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring Sprang, Then Went BAck To Sleep!

Well gald I made hay while the sun shone as its well & truly disappeared. Now we have dank, danp, foggy weather all chilly & nasty!
Still soon be April & then all should be great :)
So here is a bit of spring that sprung, for a week......
The crocus & snow drops came to life & looked beautiful for a week
The animal kingdom became very perky
I have learnt through experience not to go in & pet or make friends with Yovo's live stock as I end up eating them & that upsets me :( So I keep my distance & enjoy the food :D
Smile :D  Mum Dad & two chicks :)
We will be eating one of these in just a few weeks on St George's day, so no way am I petting my food!
I would love to have live stock, in particular Turkeys, Ducks, Pigs & Sheep. All my fave foods, but alas I am too soft & could not kill & eat what I know :(:(:( I don't even have chickens as I get fresh eggs from a neighbour & the ones I buy are cheaper than keeping chickens for eggs!
I just had to take a photo of the blue sky, makes me feel warm just looking at it :)
Well a short lived Spring but as we all know in Bulgaria it can change over night. everything is wet now as we have had really damp wet fog but it could be dry as a bone very shortly, we can hope :)

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  1. I'm the same love eating meat but couldn't kill them I'm such a softy. I keep chickens here in the UK but only for eggs.

    Thanks for sharing it's lovely to see everday life in BG. Keeps me going until my hols!

    Sue xx


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