Thursday, 3 March 2011

National Day, Bulgarian Rural Village B&B - Bulgaria Bed & Breakfast

The above is the link to my B&B page. We are taking bookings for 2011 & looking forward to meeting new people this year :) You can also find it on which is my facebook page.
This year is shaping up to be a good one, we hope for the weather but also for Bulgarian property. At the moment it is very much a buyers market but interest has started to rise again, after the down turn of world economies, which stopped people from buying abroad now, again, the Bulgarian market is of interest.
Well Feb has come to an end, thank goodness, & Baba Marta (1st March) was a sun filled day. Still loads of snow here &, I have heard, more to come at the weekend, but now we are nearing the end of winter & spring is literally around the corner. All Bulgaria is coming to the point where we need the winter over & done with. Wood piles are running low or are emptying & the sun is giving us tempting glimpses of what is to come, we are all awaiting the end of the snow, so we can get out in the garden & prepare for the wonderful months ahead.
1st March, Baba Marta brings sunshine in the snow!
Yesterday I saw my cherry tree's are in bud :) Can't wait to see the blossom.
We went into Veliko Tarnovo on Baba Marta & the shops are starting to get ready for the spring. Unlike in the UK, which has probably been selling the spring home wares since Christmas ended, here in Bulgaria they sell them as Spring starts to arrive. It was great to get out in the snow, I love it when we can actually get out & about in it, the scenery is wonderful & its funny to think that in a blink the views will be completely different. One of the things I adore about this country is the ever changing scenery of the countryside all through the year it changes & never becomes boring. We saw a gorgeous fox sitting very proud in the middle of a snow covered scene. Unfortunately as I wound down the window to catch photo he/she ran off into the forest :(
So March has started with a bang & brings with it hope for a good year ahead! Although more snow for another week is due :(
Today is National day, a holiday celebrating liberation from the Ottorman Turkish rule This is their anthem;
Dear Motherland
(English translation
Hail dear Motherland,
Hail Mother,
Bulgaria, we are your children,
...You are our sacred home!
You are our beloved country,
Destined for happiness!
Dear country, unforgettable,
Endowed with wondrous loveliness!
How generously, Mother,
Your land is studded with diamonds,
Among them wonderfully shines
The Balkan, proudly towering,
Oh, look how radiant he is!
In awe before him, we sing:
Proud is the Stara Planina,
Our glorious stronghold.
Her Hajduk song
Singing from time immemorial!
Oh, dear native land
You are paradise on earth,
Your beauty, your loveliness
Your beauty, your loveliness
Ah, they are boundless!
Hail dear Motherland,
Hail mother!
How wonderful to feel like this about your country, & it is true Bulgaria is truly beautiful. Which is why, if you speak to an expat here we have all fallen in love with her!
Nothing much has changed here, Nigel is still beavering away at his renovations of downstairs & soon it will all be over & we can live like human beings again :)
So to everyone in Bulgaria happy holidays & to all a good Spring!!!!!!!

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